Thursday, June 26, 2014

NEW Naturally Fresh Deodorant (compared to) Commercial Deodorants & Antiperspirants

For the past 3 years I have had a passion for creating an all natural deodorant. I have worked hard at researching and creating recipes that WORKED, didn't cause skin irritations, and most of all didn't contain any of the harmful ingredients traditionally found in deodorants. I am so proud to share that my goal/vision has finally come to fruition! Read the following article: and find out why I have been so intent on bring this product to our customers, friends, and family.

Naturally Fresh Full Size Deodorant

After testing and sharing and receiving feedback, La Mia Bella is thrilled to offer our incredible handcrafted recipe for a naturally fresh deodorant. For those of us that remember the days when natural deodorant meant rubbing a crystal under your arm (and really, who EVER wanted to do THAT)...well, you are going to love this...naturally deodorizing...smooth & moisturizing...and fresh scented...also available in a sample try me size and if you buy 3 full size you save here

Naturally Fresh Sample / Try Me Size Deodorant

We are excited for the new product launch.  And if you were one of the many that tried our deodorant during the trial phase (which is now completed), please take a moment and share your views and results with new customers and complete a deodorant review here

Thank you BIG!

Sara & Jamie
La Mia Bella
Artisan Bath & Body Collection

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