Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Sales Blitz & News

Since the inception of La Mia Bella in 2011, we've tweaked and updated along the way - always striving to improve our collection while maintaining affordability for our customers. We are committed to using quality key ingredients and bringing you - our customers - the freshest quality skincare collection. Your support allowed us to introduce LMB Studio, which proved to be a customer favorite. Thank you for your continued encouragement of La Mia Bella - we surely could not have had such a successful journey without you!
As many of you know, La Mia Bella is a small (micro) family owned business. Life has moved in many directions since the launch of La Mia Bella. In the winter of 2016, I began a full time job with the school district, which has proven rewarding while taking demands on my La Mia Bella focus. The reality of juggling a job, a full family of four children with a host of after school activities and responsibilities, and my dear husband - does limit my time spent with further developing my heart filled business - La Mia Bella. It is with great difficulty that I say La Mia Bella will be placed on a "permanent hold" in September 2017. The business will close and no more orders will be shipped after September 2017. Effective immediately, we are no longer taking wholesale orders.
In the next months, you will notice additional changes - especially to our product availability within our two collections. Through September, I will have items available on our website for online purchase on a true custom order basis. Making items as they are ordered, not one batch at a time, but one single item at a time. I will continue to make and fulfill orders until I run out of ingredients and/or inventory or until September 2017 - whichever comes first. When I begin to run out of my current ingredients and supplies, the items will become permanently out of stock and will no longer be available. Once the current promotion expires, I will then list the products and scents (where applicable) that will be available to order. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for order completion (prior to shipping) for these new custom orders.
We currently have a New Year Sales blitz online sale in progress. Save 50% on in-stock items online by using promo code 2017. For your favorite products, I suggest you stock up before the items sell out on a permanent basis. I encourage you to follow La Mia Bella on Facebook for future updates, news and events. If you have any additional questions, please send me an email.
I truly cannot thank you enough for your support during this journey. I had a lot of fun, many memories and enjoyed the stories shared by many of you during the local markets I attended. My customers are my treasures and until this journey takes a hiatus in September of this year, I look forward to preparing the items in our collection for you - one at a time.
All the best,
La Mia Bella
Artisan Bath & Body Collection
LMB Studio
Fresh Skincare Collection

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