Friday, January 16, 2015

A Brand New Year & Winter Face

It is EXCITING to plan for the upcoming year.  What markets will we attend?  What new products will we launch?  What will we change?  What will we do???!!!  In 2014, we introduced our Pedi Care TRIO, Natural Deodorant and a Face Purifying Mask.  If you haven't read about them and their properties, I recommend visiting our website and finding out about these 2014 key additions to our skincare collection.  This harsh winter cold weather has our skin begging for natural treatments and pampering.  I love the Facial Purifier and use it at least once a week - depending upon my need.  I find that the skin on my face can get extremely dry and the Purifier helps safely remove the dry skin and freshen my face and neck.  My skin feels absolutely wonderful and my make-up goes on flawlessly when I'm done.  Plus, the natural charcoal helps with acne and blackhead challenges.  I'm so glad we were able to launch this product sooner rather than later - the rave reviews are pouring in - thank you!
Facial Purifier Mask - All Natural
As a small business owner, wife, and mother of four children, my schedule stays full - over the top - overflowing - high energy - packed into each and every day - crazy-wouldn't-change-a-thing FULL.  And my mind is even more active - planning, creating, strategizing, reviewing - no wonder I hit the bed exhausted every night. 
La Mia Bella is growing each year, but is still in its infant stages.  One baby step at a time - manageable and exciting.  My sister (and partner) and I coordinate all - recipe development, accounting, sales, PR, web development, branding, labeling, production, janitorial - you name it - WE do it.
Each time I mix body lotion or wrap and label each small jar by hand or put the finishing touches on a gift for a customer, I think of and so appreciate our wonderful, loyal customers. Every decision we make for La Mia Bella....EVERY with our customers in mind. Your support, your word of mouth; your feedback means EVERYTHING to us. 

Wishing you all the blessings for you and your family in 2015!
Sara Eriksen & Jamie Knoll
La Mia Bella
Artisan Bath & Body Collection

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